Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blondes vs. Brunettes #42 - Here We Go Again

As it turned out, we had an extended vacation - another round of beach time at a relative's place on the Delaware shore.  Very nice home and a  relaxing week.  I haven't had a tan like this in years.
Although I have been back since Saturday, I was really in no shape to do much with the blog, but have begun to work on the next installment.
Have a good remainder of the week and hope you check in over the upcoming Labor Day weekend!
No, it wasn't quite this sexy on the beach, but I did have this dream one night ...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Blondes vs. Brunettes #41 - Time for Summer Vacation

Thanks for checking out this week's blog and a special thanks to joe schmoe for taking time to comment.

Well, Summer break is finally here sports fans and it's off to Virginia Beach for a week of fun and sun and then a trip to Manhattan by way of Atlantic City. 

Along the way I'll try to

a)  stay out of trouble (i.e. the bars) and

b)  catch a baseball game or two

When I return, I'll get back to work on my Kansas City "trilogy" which by now is beginning to look more like a sexology or septology.  Believe me, the best is yet to come as Jacky finally stands toe-to-toe with Marilyn's blonde daughter, Linda, and then the blonde vs. brunette explosion occurs at the Leavenworth Rec Center.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Blondes vs. Brunettes #40 - Kansas City #4

The summer came fast, heating up into the 90s by early June.  Although living in a hotel and dining out daily, I often found myself frequenting a local supermarket named the "Price Chopper", which unlike Senor Frog's, is still there.  Usually I'd stroll the aisles with a few cocktails in me and enjoy the sights and scenes of healthy mid west gals in shorts and flip flops.  Among the attractive females was a store employee, a middle aged blonde named Marilyn, as in Monroe, except this Marilyn was a natural blonde.  We chatted occasionally, and I had some odd fantasies that she was actually attracted to me despite me being at least 15 years her junior, maybe closer to 20, but the truth of the matter was that I wasn't particularly in tune with the whole MILF thing back then and women in their 40s were as alien to me as something with tits from the planet Zontar. Compounding my lack of interest was that the first half dozen times I talked to her she wore a store smock and baggy trousers.  Not exactly attention getting apparel.  It wasn't until years later that I would look past work outfits and assess what a gal would look like in more fashionable clothes.

Another occasional haunt of mine was the Leavenworth Rec Center, not leastly because Don had recruited a couple of the Rec Center's bikini-clad female lifeguards to wrestle each other. Beyond that, I had legitimate reasons, like actually working out in the weight room.  As well, despite the fact that I was working long hours, I was also very bored Monday to Friday and had volunteered to help coach Little League baseball that spring, mainly as a way to stay away from booze and to keep from going broke, but also because I enjoyed it and thought, well maybe one of these kids has a good looking older sister.  After all, Jacky was only around on weekends.

Soon enough, Jacky began joining me at the Rec Center on Saturday's and Sundays.  You might think that we would have spent most of our time in Kansas City, but given that she would spend an entire week in St. Louis or KC, she was tired of all the hustle, bustle, and traffic and really enjoyed the small town ambience of both Leavenworth and Fort Leavenworth.  Besides, like any good Italian girl, she was more interested in love making then going out on the town.   
By late June, Jackie quickly took to the kids and vice versa, and why not?  At poolside she was hot brunette in a bikini; when not in the pool, she would pull a tight t-shirt over her string bikini top, stroll over to the gym area in her bare feet and lift weights and play games with the kids.  No surprise, she got the attention of a few adults, too, most notably an older fellow who helped out with the equipment and tried to keep the place clean.
As Don had showed me, the pool was also populated with attractive blonde lifeguards who naturally irritated Jacky, just by being there.  Kris, in particular was a gorgeous blonde, with huge blue eyes and clear white skin.  A few years younger than my cousin, she was about the same height and weight as Jacky, but her back was broader and stronger and her athletic leg muscles rippled with every step she took. Maybe at first she was trying to be friendly with Jacky by walking over from the pool when Jacky was chatting and playing with the young boys, or maybe she was trying to piss Jacky off by distracting the boys from the sexy brunette.  Whichever it was, she succeeded in the latter and by mid July, Jacky would be steaming when she saw Kris.  "Typical blonde" Jacky would say, "She has to come over here and jam her nose into everything."
Given her irritation, my comment was to move our workouts to the Fort Leavenworth gym that was better equipped (sans indoor pool) and had become available to me as a contractor helping out the war gaming efforts.  But Jacky had taken a liking to a bunch of the young kids, most notably a young lad named Mark who, like Jacky, had black hair and big dark brown eyes. In a short period of a few weeks, he had attached himself to Jacky on weekends, kind of in a big sister, little brother way. Come to think of it, they could have passed as family.    
The whole time this little drama was being played out in the Rec Center, Don was busy recruiting gals for his photo shoots.  He had invested some cash in a 35mm single lens reflex camera (the type that used a thing called "film", for those of you who remember that type of stuff) and had also purchased a video recorder that used VHS tapes as a recording medium.  Don's business plan of selling his goods to magazine such as Cavalier and Nugget hadn't panned out the way he had hoped, but he was toying with the idea of buying ad space in wrestling magazines, just like Curtis DuPont, Joan Wise, and others, and selling his stuff.  Frankly, I thought it was a good idea and told him he ought to be able to at least break even on his venture. 

Although it took some time, Don finally picked up on my hints and found a blonde and brunette who would wrestle.  They were a couple of college girls, home on break, that he recruited from god knows where.  Slim and attractive, the blonde was pretty, but maybe a bottle blonde, and the brunette didn’t really fit my idea of the ideal brunette in that she had medium brown hair and blue eyes.  I would have preferred a darker gal, but since watching the battle only cost me a few dollars in film, I wasn’t about to complain.
It was a close, hard fought battle but the blonde won as she outmaneuvered and outmuscled the brunette the entire match. I was definitely disappointed but honestly couldn’t get that excited since the blonde looked like she wasn’t a real blonde and the brunette was much to fair to serve as a good contrast.
Still, driving back to my hotel I was a bit pissed.  The blonde, real or fake, was definitely a better fighter.  Don gave me a copy of the VHS tape a few days later.  The brunette looked stronger than the blonde, in fact, she was stronger. Why didn't she win?

I started having problems concentrating at work.  Contract proposals, invoices, reports, work schedules, and all I could think about was watching a battle between a blonde and a brunette.  Good thing Jacky showed up, took me in her arms, stuck her tongue down my throat and sucked the wind out of me. 
Although I had yet to mention anything to her, I was keeping an eye on the advertisement about Buffalo Bill Cody Days, by which I mean the ad that mentioned an amateur mud wrestling contest. Truth is, even though it was a nightclub rage back in the 1980s, I was never really into it.  The biggest problem was that I could never tell who was who.

Funny thing was that Marilyn had asked me about it one day in Price Chopper, that is, whether or not I was attending.  We bantered back and forth, she told me that her daughter was going to wrestle and something about her daughter's boyfriend, a fellow by the name of Lane.  Marilyn said her daughter had recently graduated from a local college (I don't remember which one exactly, but it wasn't either KU or K-State), and had started working part time in the store while she searched for a full time job as a teacher. 
"Oh, she's the new blonde in the cashier's cage", Marilyn said.  To which I responded that here were so many pretty blondes around, I couldn't keep track of them all! 
She liked that.
Gosh, I thought to myself, Marilyn is an attractive woman, I bet she would look great in a skirt and heels.  I'm not exaggerating when I say she was a cross between Anne Francis and maybe one of the Fox News Blondes, Martha McCallum or Gretchen Carlson. (Oh, I'm sorry!  You don't like the Fox News blondes? Well, I'd use somebody from CNN or MSNBC but neither CNN's Micheala Pereira nor MSNBCs Rachel Maddow quite fit the description!)
So as I'm fantasizing about this 40-ish blonde, Marilyn drops the fucking bomb on me.
"Gee" she said, "Maybe you and your girlfriend could sign up for the mud wrestling."
Huh? Wha?
"Oh, I'm sorry" she said, "But I've seen you in here with a pretty dark-haired girl and I thought maybe she was your girlfriend."
We kicked that around for a while. 
"Yup, she's my gal." 
"She's usually just here on weekends and that's why you don't see her that often."
"I have no idea if she's interested in mud wrestling."
I was tempted to say she'd love to beat up a blonde, but bit my tongue.
So … it seemed that Marilyn and her daughter, Linda, two blondes, had been checking out me and Jacky, two brunettes.
So we could fight?
How interesting.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Blondes vs. Brunettes #39 -- Kansas City #3

Thanks as always for checking out the blog. 

Before I continue with my story about the year I spent in the Kansas City area, a year that turned out to be a blonde vs. brunette battlefield, I wanted to make a couple of administrative comments.  First, I’m trying to figure out how to best illustrate the stories.  Clearly, we didn’t have smart phones with either photo or embedded video capability ~25 years ago, so I don’t have pictures of anything that I’m going to blog about.  But we do have boxing, wrestling, and catfighting videos now, so I’ll probably use some of them when I think it shows a reasonably accurate portrayal of the girls fighting.  My second point is that while I was working on this blog over the past week, I started getting all cranked up.  Mid week, my mind was reeling after working on the blog for about 30 minutes.  I actually got into a blonde vs. brunette conversation with a young girl, maybe 20 or so, while I was out jogging and, at one point, waiting for the lights to change at an intersection cross walk. 

Well, I couldn’t resist.  She was a dark brunette, Hispanic I’m sure, and was wearing sun dress and heels. 

Just minutes earlier I was in a gym near my workplace and there was this blonde in there that I hadn’t seen before, and she was solid muscle.  I watched her, very discreetly of course, for most of my workout and then before departing to go for a run, walked up to her asked if there was any part of her body that wasn’t solid muscle.  (Might as well use the direct approach!)

She laughed and said, “Well yeah, a couple at least.”

“Ha, ha” I said, “I didn’t mean anything naughty!”

So we chatted for a couple of minutes. 

This gal was a natural blonde (eyebrows and short hairs on the back of the neck and on the arms never lie) with crystal clear blue eyes, standing about 5’2” and maybe a hundred or so pounds.  All of which was muscle. 

So naturally, when I saw this brunette waiting for the lights to change I had to say something because my mind was ready to explode.  The direct approach again: “Hey, I hate to bother you but me and a buddy of mine were having this argument in the gym about which girls were stronger, blondes or brunettes. So tell me, what do you think?  Who are stronger, blondes or brunettes?”

After the initial shock, she started laughing.  We chatted back and forth as we crossed the street.  She was blabbering about how there were strong blondes, and there strong brunettes and then there were weak blondes and there were weak brunettes and then there were so many different ways to measure strength, as well as stamina, which she said was simply strength over time, so that the question couldn’t really be answered in any meaningful way and finally I said something like “Cut the shit and just answer the fucking question, will ya?”

Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was close.

So she looked at me and with a big huge smile said, “Brunettes, of course! Brunettes are stronger than blondes!”

“Well thanks!” I said, “And hey, listen since you’re taking this so well and not punching in 911 on your smart phone, let’s talk about catfights.”

And wouldn’t you know it, instead of saying “Get away from me you creep” she started all over again with “Well you know there are some blondes that can fight and some blondes that can’t fight, and there are some brunettes that can fight and some that can’t fight, and basically a girl has to have a reason to fight and if she does, it doesn’t make any difference what her hair color is … and blah, blah, blah..”

And on and on until I finally said, “For Christ sakes, will you please answer the question, before the Earth is consumed by the sun?”

And she said, “Brunettes of course! We always beat up blondes when we fight! Well, almost anyway, it all depends on…”

She was funny.  We chatted a little longer; she was home on college break and had an internship in downtown Washington DC and was walking from the metro (subway) to a bus stop so she could get back to her home in the Shirlington neighborhood of Arlington, when I started bugging her. 

Nice girl. I thanked her for entertaining an old guy, we fist bumped, and I jogged away.

This really happened on Wednesday!!


Will I ever get to the blog entry about Kansas City? 

Of course.

Picking up where we left off last week ….

So we headed back to the mid west, me in my Toyota 4Runner and Jacky in her Ford Mustang which could hardly carry more than a couple of suitcases, explaining why my 4Runner was packed to the gills.  I'd say it was a good drive but I had to get back to work and so were focused on making time, not love.

Eventually we got to St. Louis where we checked her into a furnished, extended stay place – I think it was an Oakwood apartment – near the main highway.  My thought was to head straight back to Leavenworth but since Jacky was wearing her daisy dukes, how could I?  After all, what's the point in having a lover if you don't make love every chance you get? So once I brought all her gear up from my truck and got her room squared away, off came her shorts and she squared me away!

Coming back to Leavenworth, I accepted the reality of a long summer with a lot of work and no vacation time coming to me.  Thank God Jacky was in the same area of the country and had to do a lot of business in Kansas City, which she said she would try to arrange each Friday! Nothing better than being free and unencumbered all week and then having a gorgeous dark haired, dark eyed Italian girl dressed in a halter top and hot pants waiting to take you in her arms on the weekend!

Being a decent, but not spectacular high school athlete, one of my interests over the years was running.  Of course, the whole country got caught up in the jogging craze in the 1970s, so there was always plenty of eye candy out on the streets.  Jacky herself didn't run much.  She dabbled in gymnastics and tennis in high school, but mainly avoided athletic pursuits.  She certainly didn't need to run in order to burn off calories:  dark and slim, she was born in good shape and effortlessly seemed to stay that way.  Her legs were shapely and sexy, although her calves were a bit skinny.  She always joked about slicing off and implanting some of my very sexy calf muscles into her legs. 

So one day I'm jogging through Leavenworth and I look off to the side and there's this little park area and I see this blonde-haired girl throwing what looks like a punch in the stomach to another blonde girl.  "Well, damn: I thought, "You don't see that every day!"

Naturally, I moved in for a closer look.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out this was a photo shoot of some type, the girls weren’t really fighting and there’s this older guy with a 35mm camera (the type that used something called “film” to record images) and he’s giving instructions to the girls and snapping pictures as they posed in various fighting positions.  Damn, I thought, kinda like Sports Review’s apartment house wrestling, except this was in a little field.  I decided to hag out and see what happened and my presence didn’t go unnoticed by the gentlemen with the camera.  After another 15 minutes or so of very nice poses to include the girls pinning each other on the grass, he appeared to thank them and then hand them something, cash it turns out, and then they hopped in a car and drove away.   

At this point in the story, I should add that I had been working out at the Leavenworth Rec Center which was a reasonably proceed gym and pool not far from my hotel in the downtown area. Nice place, with a pool.  I had befriended some of the folks who worked there and was helping, just a few hours here and there, coach young kids little league.  A bunch of the young fellows, up to age 12 or so, hung out at the rec center on weekends, and soon as school was about to let out, during the summer months.  Little did they, or me, know at the time, that they would become an integral part of a stunning blonde vs. brunette battle involving Jacky as the summer ended.

But I bring it up now because one of the girls looked familiar. 

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I approached the old guy and introduced myself.  Don, he replied, was his name.

Well, it turns out Don was fascinated by girls fighting.  Like me, he was a big Sport Review Wrestling magazine fan and enjoyed the apartment house wrestling features.  He was, in fact, trying to recreate something like that and sell the photos to either SRW or an adult publication that featured catfight materiel.  Or maybe start his own mail order business and sell his own videos.  Lot of possibilities he said.  

We decided to have a few beers at a local bar.  I think the name of it was “Green’s” or something like that, but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet.  Must have been something else--?

Well, it turns out he was trying to arrange a private match in his backyard but the two blondes wanted something more public, apparently they were afraid that Don was a pervert or something, and weren’t to enamored with the thought of going to his house.

“Well, I am a pervert” he said, “So I don’t blame them.”

Turns out the girls had been recently hired by the rec center to handle the summer crowds, mostly kids out of school. Don said they attended the University of Kansas and had been hired by the rec center just before the Memorial Day weekend.  “Well” I thought “That’s why they looked a bit familiar.”


Don, a retired widower said if I was willing to kick in a few bucks, he’d call me when he had a couple of girls lined up and ready to wrestle.  There would be a few other guys there as well, he said, helping to share the costs.

Sounds good I told him.

And then I made a suggestion. 

"You've lived here forever Don, so you know better than me that the Mexicans are starting to move in.  Maybe you could get one of those dark Latinas to fight a white girl, a blonde maybe.  I bet that would be a good battle."

He looked stunned, and then glanced both ways before whispering to me, "I'm trying to do just that, but it's been tough to arrange." 

When I got back to the hotel, I snapped up the weekly Leavenworth paper in the lobby, took it back to my room and left it on the desk, unread, before turning in for the night.  “Maybe I’ll read it in the morning” I thought, before heading off to brush my teeth and get ready for a good snooze.

As I slept, the paper lay on my desk and I lay in my bed, not knowing that the paper had a prominent advertisement for something called “Buffalo Bill Cody Days” an annual Leavenworth festival that featured arts, crafts, and amateur mud wrestling.